Batthyány Castle Hotel **** - Batthyány Kastélyszálló

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Batthyány Castle Hotel **** - Batthyány Kastélyszálló

This hotel is something special. It was a castle and you have that feeling when you come and stay in it. Yet it is renovated with taste and in the spirit of modern world. Rooms are very comfortable and bed is nice to sleep in.

Hotel has a very nice restaurant with good food. And all over hotel are nice paintings. In the restaurant they once had a strawberry soup. I was very 'scared' of it. And didn't quite know shall I try it or not. However I decided to try it. It was a cold soup and tasted of a smoothy. Lucky me I tried it after dinner. So I had loads of it. And really enjoyed it :)

Hotel has its own pool and nearby, only few km down the road is a thermal spa. When we fist saw this hotel pool. We were a bit disappointed because it is not a very big pool. However, we later discovered that is just perfect size and temperature. Sometimes it felt like there were too many people in it, but since water was right temperature you could just stay in pool and talk with your friends. However it was never too crowded. Next to the pool is also whirlpool and there you can set the temperature of water and speed as you like. Also there is a nice size sauna. all of these things were in the price of the hotel. And pool was working late every night 23-24 hrs.

Ground of the hotel were just amazing and a person can have a nice walk. There is also tennis court, which could be in a bit better shape.

The staff was very nice, polite and tasteful, but doesn't really speak English but mostly German.

All in all we loved this hotel.

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Batthyány Castle Hotel **** - Batthyány Kastélyszálló