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We have visited many places. traveled up and down Croatian coast, but Brijuni is so special that it is hard to discribe it. The moment you walk into the island you feel you are back in the past. Brijuni were for many years in Former Yugoslavia closed islands for public, because President Tito had residance there and spent almost half a year there. Many of his high guests visited him at Brijuni, such were: Queen Elisabeth, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Gadafi, Indira Gandhi and many other. Many of them gave Tito live animals such were elephans, tigers, lions, camels, zebras. Because of that this island still has very many African animals. Island is so unique for it was in Roman time inhibeted as well so on the island there are very many Roman artefacts and remains of Roman villas.

We were at Brijuni for 4 days. Every day we would rent golf cart and travel around island (there are no cars at the island). There was always something different to see. The feel of travelling in the golf cart was so great, but also we always had feeling that we are in Jurrasic Park. Which was not far from the truth since many years ago, there were many dinosaurs at Brijuni island. Remains of them are still visible in the stones, for it was sand millions of years ago and dinosaurs left their footprints. In those 4 days we came back every day to dinosaur foosteps and every time we found few steps more, since the first time there are only 2-3 footsteps that are most visible.

Hotel at the island is built many years ago and was not refurbished, so there for it has only 2 stars, but our opinion it shouldn't be refurbished. Rooms are big and great at the whole feel of the hotel and the island is that you are back in the past of maybe 1950. It is such a unique island and hotel that nothing should be changed!

We will definately come back again.



Dinosaur footsteps at Brijuni


Amazing to see.