Hotel Burj Al Arab Dubai

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Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai we viseted quite some time ago. I did not stay in this hotel, but in the other one. Burj Al Arab we visited in a group and paid the entrance to enter. At the time I was there I had mixed feelings about hotel, at the same time I was impressed with it, but I also thought it was too shiny for my taste. I remember - my eyes were hurting me from all that gold and shine around me. Still - after all the time that passed when I think about it, I know it is one of the world's top hotels.

Everything you see on this photos is 24 carat Gold. To this day I remember very brightly shiny golden elevators.

Atmosphere like in every good hotel is soft and easy. Restaurant was not so expensive as I thought it would be.

It was the only world 7 star hotel for a long time.

I think everybody in their life time should visit this place at least for a coffee.

Hotel Burj Al Arab Dubai